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A blockchain enhanced international network of office landlords delivering flexible workspace to occupiers all over the world.

A flexible and agile solution for international occupiers

Occupiers get to deal directly with landords anywhere in the world, following standard procedures, practices and office space solutions, regardless of the market or the property. Real estate as a service delivered at selected locations following a client focussed culture. 

Blockchain enhanced; a robust management platform

Our technology provides a transparent management, revenue and marketing platform to office landlords, allowing them to pull their resources together as a network and extending their reach globally. Blockchain and its model of distributed information is what makes this possible.

For professional office landlords anywhere in the world

Large coworking firms are capable of offering flexible space to occupiers with multiple requirements all over the world; how can a local landlord compete with this, if not teaming up with other owners elsewhere to provide a standardised, multi-location solution?

These are the bare facts

Landlords with a presence limited to their respective local markets will continue to struggle in delivering office space solutions to international occupiers with multilocational requirements. Service providers, property consultants and coworking firms (particularly) with an international footprint are better positioned to serve the interests of large corporations and multinationals. 

REaaS is the new normal; we must accept this

Coworking and real estate as a service trends are consolidating and evolving, serving not only the interests of freelancers, startups and smaller firms, but also occupiers in need of what has come to be known as "headquarters as a service". 

Flexibe space as part of corporate strategy

Real estate portfolio managers are incorporating flexible space into their CRE strategies. Coworking and REaaS are no longer considered temporary solutions, but a core resource that allows occupiers to reduce costs, minimise longe term rental commitments and attract talent. 

The rise of coworking firms and REaaS startups

Coworking and REaaS firms are rapidly populating office markets all over the world, a resource that international occupiers are already tapping into. Office landlords are considering the integration of flexible space solutions as part of their offering, understanding that coworking is not a passing trend. 

If you are a landlord, keep calm and join blocworc

Contact us and discover how our marketing and management platform leverages blockchain technology, empowering landlords to compete in the REaaS worldwide arena.

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